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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a LifePlan™?

A LifePlan is two full days away from your daily routine with Deidre as your Facilitator. We will take a deep dive into your story, to start uncovering the reason and purpose for your existence. Through this in depth process that utilizes the Paterson LifePlan™ Process, you will leave our time together with a personalized plan that includes a clear life purpose and vision rooted in the truth of how you have been created, action steps on how to make your vision become reality, and a digital playbook to help you stay on track towards your vision for years to come.

How do I know if a LifePlan™ is right for me?

If you are asking yourself questions such as “What was I created for? Who am I? Where do I go next in this transition in life?” or others like that, you might be ready for a LifePlan™. Set up a 15 minute call with Deidre to find out if this is the right time.

How Much does a LifePlan™ cost?

The LifePlan™ experience is an investment in your time, resources and energy that will pay dividends for years to come. The 2 day LifePlan™ is $5,000. Included is the 2 days of facilitation, a light breakfast, lunch and snacks and the digital playbook. There is a discount for those in full time ministry. Deidre can work with you on a payment plan.

Where will me meet?

You will meet at Deidre’s home office at their farm about 30 minutes outside of Birmingham, AL. It is a peaceful 40 acres of land that will allow you to step away from the busyness, slow down and truly reflect on the life you have been given to steward.

Should I bring someone with me?

This process is very personal. Deidre welcomes your spouse to come if you would like. It is a great opportunity for your spouse to gain unique insights into the way you were created and how to best support you on your LifePlan™ journey.


What does Shalva mean?

Shalva is the Hebrew word for serenity. It is from the same root as shalom. Shalom refers to an external peace, shalva refers to internal peace.