Deidre writing

A Journey Of
Faith & Purpose



Recognizing The Gift

From the time I was a teenager I always believed that God had a plan and a purpose for my life and clung to Romans 8:28. The problem was I never knew what that plan and purpose was and always thought it was a mystery that I wouldn’t understand in this life.

The Gospel is all about redemption, restoration and renewing. But is it only the good news that we won’t always be in this sinful world, and that one day we will be in Heaven with Jesus?

Or is it good news that the Kingdom is now and that we can start experiencing that healing, redemption, and purpose now, in our own stories, in our own lives and are called to continue the work Jesus started in the world He created?

When my husband, Brad, and I heard about the LifePlan Process we knew it was an invitation we needed to lean into. During our 3 days with our facilitator we gained clarity on questions we had been asking for years and walked away with a plan of actionable next steps to make our vision a reality. 

You will leave our two days together with clarity about who you are in Christ and action steps you need to start taking to live a more intentional, Gospel-centered, Kingdom-centered life.


The Drive To Help Others On Their Journey

At Shalva Planning, our dedication is to assist you in aligning all domains of your life with your purpose. Experience enhanced personal fulfillment. Improve your relationships. Feel a profound sense of belonging in your community. Discover the transformative power of surrendering to and owning your life purpose.


Making Kingdom Impact

We envision a world where purpose and fulfillment create a ripple effect, resonating through communities and going beyond individual lives. We believe that you are Christ's workmanship and that God has good works created for you to walk in that will make eternal Kingdom impact. 

At Shalva Planning, we want to offer you the time and space to step away from the busyness that is the very air we breathe, to orient your life back to the truth of God. We want to help you begin surrendering to Him those things you cannot control and start owning the talents that He has entrusted you with to steward.

We believe everyone is an image bearer of God. When we surrender to that and walk in it for His glory, we can start seeing His Kingdom breaking into the world around us.