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A Journey Rooted In Reflection And Faith, Tailored For Thriving In Every Domain Of Life


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Introspection & Reflection

Not a single person in human history has the same story as you. You are a unique creation. Through the LifePlan™ Process you will explore your past and present to see the threads of gifting and talents that were created in you from the very beginning. You will decide what you want to leave behind and what you want to carry forward.

The Power Of Right Questions

We believe that the quality of the questions asked profoundly shapes the direction of self-reflection. Our questions are crafted to cut through the noise, guiding you to the core of your thoughts and emotions. By addressing fundamental aspects of your life, you will better understand your values, passions, and the path that aligns with how you have been created.

Certified LifePlan™ Facilitator

Unlock the full potential of your LifePlan™ journey with the guidance of a Certified LifePlan™ Facilitator.

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Certified LifePlan™ facilitators undergo training to become experts in the LifePlan™ Process. Certified LifePlan™ Facilitators own the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complexities of your life story. They are equipped to help you uncover hidden insights and chart a course toward your goals.

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No two life journeys are the same, and neither are our facilitators’ approaches. Your Certified LifePlan™ Facilitator will engage closely with you. They will seek to understand your values, aspirations, and challenges. This understanding forms the basis for crafting a personalized roadmap tailored to your unique journey.

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Empathy And

Beyond professional qualifications, our facilitators bring genuine empathy and understanding to the table. Our Certified LifePlan™ Facilitators create a safe space. Here, you can explore your deepest thoughts and emotions. This environment is specifically crafted to be conducive to growth and self-discovery.


Learn More About The Paterson Process

Take a moment to watch this video and learn more about LifePlan™, a powerful framework designed to help you discover your unique strengths, values, and life goals.

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